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Our Product
A Sculpturesoap is a fusion between traditional art and chemistry. The medium in the original sculpt is clay and in the finished product it is soap. Each originally designed soap bar is 4-11 ounces of an all ^vegetable base, scented with essential oils or fragrance oils and tinted for color using natural clay or a mineral oxide. It is a collection of over 4 dozen, 3 dimensional organic forms, featuring deep, high fidelity sculptural details. We project that we’ll have another 10 designs in our catalog by January 2018.

By combining the art of sculpting organic forms with the science of making natural body soap, every beautiful creation can be enjoyed practically, in everyday living. The shape and structure of our handcrafted soaps have been meticulously transformed to delight and amuse while it cleans and soothes you.

We launched our Sculpturesoap product line in January of 2014 as a small family owned business in Redmond, Washington that handcrafts and sculpts originally designed soaps in small batches using healthy, natural and earth friendly ingredients. Our goal in this pursuit is to make the best possible soaps, infused with great aesthetics while keeping it functional and affordable for everyone. Our family uses our products daily and so we want them to be great for us, without harsh or toxic chemicals and without compromise. We use organic ingredients as much as we can and we try to act in a responsible and sustainable way.

We take great pride in the creative work we produce for you. We have fun in sharing the unusual forms that we lovingly sculpt as we try to find humor in all things. We hope that you truly enjoy the attention to detail in every soap bar. Because our multi-step process required producing each bar, there will be some slight variations in color and surface details between similar soaps of the same design.

Your feedback is always welcome as we continue to adjust what we can to improve our product line for your family's enjoyment. We are not perfect but each day we try to improve on every aspect of our business. From our clay stained fingers and the bottom of our hearts, we THANK YOU for visiting!

Principle Artist / Designer Background
As a former residential and retail store Interior Designer, a video game 3D Artist, an Animation Instructor, and a User Experience Motion Designer, I now work passionately as a sculptor and a soap maker. I love our new family business and the personal interactions we have with customers about soap, scents and forms that invoke an emotional response.

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